Winemakers of the month

Every month, two Slovenian winemakers will present themselves in Barigla, who had an exclusive sale of their wines.

Less is more, so we will only present 4-8 of their bottled wines. The same offer is also available on Wolt. We want to direct the user and suggest a wine.
After the end of the month, 1-2 best bottles from each winemaker remain on offer both in Barigla and Wolt all year round.

The winemakers in the month of September 2022 are Zaro and Nebo.

Winery Zaro


Year 2021. The wine is golden-yellow in color with slightly light green shades, with a distinctly intense aroma of tropical fruit, citrus, elder and acacia flowers. The intensely fruity taste gives a pleasant freshness, softness and mineral aftertaste.

Malvazija, zaro

Year 2019. Intense golden yellow color, accentuated aroma of ripe peaches with notes of acacia honey, with hints of vanilla, almonds and candied oranges. A full and rich taste that blends into perfect harmony with a pleasant freshness. The extremely mineral and long aftertaste confirm the nobility of this wine.

Refošk, Zaro

Year 2017. Intense ruby ​​color, aroma of ripe blackberries, sour cherries, mulberries, blueberries and green spices. Leather and forest undergrowth can be felt in the background. The taste is rich and wide, the pleasant freshness keeps the wine lively and fruity. Extractivity and minerality give the wine a long aftertaste. The wine is suitable for aging.

Folo Rosso, Zaro

Year 2018. After 23 days of maceration and fermentation, the wine matured for 18 months in used barrels, and then another 12 months in bottles. The result is a very elegant, fine lively wine, with plenty of fruity notes. Ripe notes of red currant, red and black cherry, fine wood, smoke, dark chocolate, and a touch of undergrowth can be detected in the wine. The wine is full of flavor, soft, tannic and with a long aftertaste.


Year 2018. The wine is dark ruby ​​in color, on the nose we detect red ripe fruit, plum, cherry and a hint of cocoa. In the mouth, the sensations are repeated, fruitiness and chocolate intertwine with freshness and minerality. A cosmopolitan genre, backed by local refošk.


Winery Nebo

Sauvignon blanc, Nebo

The color in the glass is golden yellow with delicate greenish shades. The aroma is youthful and broad. We detect notes of a warmer climate (passion and melon) as well as “cold” notes such as lime, grass and apple. The wine is dry in the mouth with high acidity and freshness.

White pinot, Nebo

Pinot has a delicate golden yellow color. The flower is discreet, initially closed, but eventually reveals calm notes of ripe yellow fruit. In the background we also find notes of wet stone. The wine is dry in the mouth, but not completely. It is balanced, which, with its medium body and moderate acidity, makes it very drinkable and culinary friendly.

Chardonnay, Nebo

The color is gentle, golden yellow and with a nice shine. On the nose, we perceive maturity and youth with clear notes of continental fruits. When the wine opens, in addition to the notes of ripe yellow fruits, we find a pleasant spiciness and notes of nutmeg. In the mouth, the wine is completely dry, with lively acidity and a salty note. At the end, we perceive a long, even creamy and pleasant aftertaste, which goes nicely with the full body.

Rebula, Nebo

It is straw yellow in color. It is an elegant varietal fresh wine with accentuated fruity floral notes and hints of citrus.

White Cuvee, Nebo

Gentle to medium deep golden yellow colors are observed. In the cuvée we detect fruity notes in the direction of juicy yellow fruits and an almost imperceptible note of maturation in wood. In the mouth, the wine is dry, medium-bodied, with pleasant freshness, a good amount of acidity, a hint of saltiness and plenty of flavor. The finish is pleasant and long.

Rose, Nebo

In the glass it is pink in color with an orange tint. The aromas in the wine are ripe fruit (berry) and concentrated, with high intensity and spiciness. We observe a complex range of perceptions. This is a full and rich rosé suitable for all occasions. Excellent as an aperitif and when combined with food.


Tasting 3 glasses of wine: €10.50 CLASSIC/ €19.50 PREMIUM
Tasting of 5 glasses of wine: €17.50 CLASSIC/ €26.50 PREMIUM
Tasting of 3 glasses of wine + cold cuts: €22.00 CLASSIC/ €31.00 PREMIUM
Tasting of 5 glasses of wine + cold cuts: €28.00 CLASSIC/ €37.00 PREMIUM
A glass of wine 0.1 dcl: € 3.90 CLASSIC/ € 6.90 PREMIUM